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The value of appreciation 

We all know we should appreciate our team’s efforts – in fact we quite like our own efforts to be appreciated too. But how well do we do this, and how well do others do it for us?

At the heart of the My Home Life Leadership Support Program is a principle of being appreciative. Alongside this is helping meet peoples Six Senses outlined in our last blog. The Six Senses include a sense of Significance, a sense of Belonging and a sense of Achievement – all of which can be positively impacted by appreciating and celebrating great work… when we do the celebrating well.  

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A sense of belonging 

Culture Amp’s whole business is about developing great cultures. They state they are the world’s top ranked employee feedback and analytics platform having worked with 1,500 organisations and surveyed 1,800,000 employees to do just that. Some big numbers!

In Culture Amp’s research on diversity and inclusion, they found a single metric that was consistently and universally tied to a person’s workplace commitment, motivation, pride and recommendation — a sense of belonging.

We recognise this important link because the Senses Framework is one of the key frameworks offered in the international, award winning and evidence based program My Home Life Leadership Support Program delivered by the Hub’s accredited facilitators.
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Why focus on frontline leaders?

Did you know that poor frontline leadership is a key reason for poor engagement, low productivity,and a key factor for employees feeling unhappy, uninspired and less empowered? 

Over 60% of frontline team members report a loss of engagement, productivity, and turnover when there is poor frontline leadership.

Two things describe effective leaders - they get the job done and they are really good at relationships. The research behind this is really clear and well established. There are two types of behaviours - task and relationship oriented. In short if you lead others doing work and build relationships with them, good things happen.

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Prioritise people over tasks 

Cathy Englebert is the CEO of Deloitte – the largest professional services organisation in the United States with nearly 80,000 professionals. Her leadership approach has earned her a 94% approval rating among employees and a spot on Glassdoor’s Highest Rated CEO’s list in 2017.

Success aside, what’s more interesting is how closely her philosophies align with the international, award winning and evidence based program My Home Life offered by the SA Innovation Hub.  
In an interview with Glass Door, Englebert describes leadership as a set of choices, not a title or a box on an organisational chart. It means stepping up and being proactive to take on challenges in the interest of our people, clients and community.

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Minister Wyatt Visit 

The Governance Group recently had the pleasure of hosting the Hon. Ken Wyatt’s AM MP at their workshop on Friday 24 November 2017 at the West Lakes Resort Hotel. Minister Wyatt addressed the audience of Board members and CEOs  providing an overview of current government approaches to fostering quality aged care services based on the principles of active ageing and lifelong learning.

The Minister acknowledged the important work of groups such as the
SA Innovation Hub in creating a community of practice where innovative practices can be co-designed with customers and trialled. 


Care about developing leaders
​& quality staff

Good leadership is of key importance in building relationship-centred and evidence based practice that respects consumers and their family carers, and acknowledges the importance and good work of staff who deliver aged care services, as well as the volunteers who support them.

Last week, the SA Innovation Hub hosted a visit from Belinda Dewar, Professor of Practice Improvement, University of the West of Scotland. One of the Hub’s projects focusses on improving leadership skills in aged care using the UK My Home Life leadership model. The Hub is bringing twelve or so competing aged care service providers and their selected staff together, with a common objective of improving outcomes for consumers and developing the leadership required.

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