Our current projects

Our community of practice focuses onsupporting older people.

Our approach is to work as a community of practice. Each of the SA Hub Provider Group members contributes and develops team members via working groups. These working groups focus on the SA Innovation Hub's mutally agreed project areas. These adapt and evolve as the teams learn and link ideas and projects. Some examples are provided below.
SA Innovation Hub Evaluation

Following the completion of the initial 12-month Hub Trial, consulting was engaged to identify the key benefits, challanges, outcomes and learning's from the Hub Trial. Critical Success Factors relating to a community of practice model of collaboration were also taken into considersation.

The results are capturedinthe Evaluation Report linked here.

The Hub is driving best practice governance. Working with the Boards of our organisarions, the Hub has produced three docyments outlining a best practice framework and the best project approach.

Download the links below.
Effectice Governance Framework
Effectice Governance Research
Effectice Governance Project
Customer Engagement

In conjunction with COTA SA, the Hub is looking to develop our organisational skills, knowledge and practice in engaging custioners in what services they want delivered, how they want them delivered and when they want them delivered.

Useful resources for Consumer Engagement are linked here.
Complaints Handling

The Hub has published the Complaints Handling Principles framework which can be downloaded here.

Quality of Life

The Hub has developed a continuous Quality Improvement approach that has a core focus on quality of life. We continue to work and evolve this framework together as we apply it in our organisations and continue to learn together.

Read the results of our research project with the Australian Centre on Quality of Life, Deakin University to develop a Quality of Life (QoL) Framework that allows us to actively promote quality of life, not just measure it, and go beyond providing quality of care. Read it here.


This project recognises the need for applied leade4rship development in order to innovate and lead change on the ground in the aged care sector to deliver excellence consistently across the natrion.